Services Offered

We represent apartment management companies as a

  • Designated Broker
  • Broker of Record
  • Broker-in-Charge
  • Principal Broker
  • Qualifying Broker
  • Managing Broker
  • Sponsoring Broker
  • Supervising Broker
  • Responsible Broker
  • Employing Broker

We serve our clients

We serve our clients by

  • Providing regulatory compliance materials to you and your onsite employees specific to each state
  • Informing you and your employees of relevant changes in rules and regulations that affect your operations
  • Performing regular internal assessments through periodic site tours.
  • Assist in preparing your onsite employees for an audit or investigation by the real estate commission
  • Ensuring that issues which arise with a real estate commission, such as those resulting from an onsite audit or investigation, are professionally resolved and documented with the state on behalf of the client
  • Coordinating with your marketing department to ensure compliance in each state with the regulations pertaining to online and print advertising, one of the fastest changing areas of real estate law
  • Assisting in the completion and filing of the licensing applications in each state to license the company, license us as your Designated Broker and license the onsite employees in the jurisdictions which require the onsite employees to be licensed
  • Serve as the Sponsoring Broker to the commissions of your onsite licensee/employees
  • Completing all necessary company license renewal applications on a timely basis
  • Making ourselves always available when questions arise
Lariat Realty Advisors